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N4th Theater Programs

North Fourth New Works

North Fourth New Works is a festival celebrating New Mexican storytellers. The festival will include staged readings of scripts for both the stage and screen and highlight the most exciting up-and-coming writers in our state. The festival will give writers an opportunity to hone their scripts, helping them take the next step towards publishing and producing their work. It will also be an exciting opportunity for audience members to see exciting world premiers and see new works before they become big! This year’s festival will take place June 2nd-12th at the N4 Theater.

Actors Rehearsing
Puppet Theater

Theater for Young Audiences

An exciting original work for young audiences! North Fourth is working on creating a brand new immersive theatrical experience that will transport children, and their parents, to a whole new fantastical world. The play will be a unique experience for young audience members who will get to become part of the story and immerse themselves in a world that will allow their imagination to take flight! While the title is TBD, it is sure to be an experience that will delight children and adults alike. Make sure to bring the young and young-at-heart to this production, running July 14th-31st at the N4 Theater. 

Incubator program

An apprenticeship for performing arts companies, the Incubator Program will bring experienced performing arts companies together with up-and-coming companies. The goal is to cultivate and help grow new performing arts companies and incubate their growth during the fragile first few years of their existence. Part economic development part artistic exploration, the program will result in a collaboratively produced show between the experienced and new companies. This year’s Incubator program will feature Two Worlds as the mentor company helping cultivate another Indigenous-led theater company in Albuquerque. Keep an eye out for production announcements happening later this year!

Theater Group
Performing Arts School

Arts Hub Fellowship

North Fourth will be partnering with Arts Hub to bring this program to artist entrepreneurs in New Mexico. Each session is a six-week intensive that works with a cohort of 12 arts-based small business owners. Participants learn from professionals in marketing, small business administration, grant writing, and more. In 2022, Arts Hub and North Fourth will present two sessions- one in the spring and one in the fall. Click here for more information on the program and to stay up-to-date on upcoming sessions.